Questions & Answers

Q- What made you want to become a private investigator?

A-I always loved helping people and gathering information, so that's what led me to the investigation field.

Q-What made you want to become a bodyguard?

A-It was when Denzel movie Man on Fire came out, I must have watched that movie over 20 times. I was like wow, a bodyguard seems like a great job, you carry a handgun, chauffeur when needed, wear a suit, and look cool all at the same time. So after watching that movie I was on a mission to become a bodyguard one day.


Q-How long have you been a private investigator?

A-10 years.

Q-Have you ever been approached by a subject or claimant?

A-Yes, about 6 times in 13 years. The one that sticks out was a police officer in Philly-I worked the case before and followed the guy all over town and got good video. The next day I worked another case and the office sent another investigator to follow the cop and he ended up getting made(seen) so they sent me back on the case the following day, but didn't tell me the investigator who worked it the day before got made, so I go out and set up at the same location I setup at before and that day 10 minutes into the case the police officer was outside mowing his lawn, then all of a sudden he looks down the street and started walking towards me, so I waited until he got about 40 feet from my vehicle to make sure he was coming towards me and then I backed out of the neighborhood so fast and called the office and told them to always tell me if the subject or claimant is suspicious, so I can readjust my setup.

Q- Do you carry? If so, what? and why?

A-Do I carry? Well, I'm not the one to advertise and try to intimidate anyone, I'm more of a quiet guy,  who wants no trouble! Don't bother me! I will not bother you! I can say that my hand speed and skills are well above average and would always be my first priority in self-defense and as back up my two BEST FRIENDS are SMITH & WESSON!